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 Understood we need more than pills to heal our wounded psyches - we also need the touch of love.

 K. Keating




The theory is that touch is not only nice. It's needed! Scientific research supports the theory that stimulation by touch is absolutely necessary for our physical as well as our emotional well-being.

Therapeutic touch, recognized as an essential tool for healing, is now part of nurses' training in several large medical centers. Touch is used to help relieve pain and depression and anxiety, to bolster a patient's will to live, and to help premature babies who have been deprived of touch in their incubator to grow and thrive.

Results of Scientific Experiments

Various experiments have shown that touch can:

- make us feel better about ourselves and our surroundings
- have a positive effect in a child's development and IQ
- cause measurable physiological changes in the toucher's and the touched

We are just beginning to understand the power of touch. While there are many forms of touching, we propose that Cuddling is a very special therapeutic touch that contributes in a major way to healing and health. These reborn dolls are used in this purpose.




Arguably the most common use of reborn dolls in healthcare, “therapy dolls” are being introduced to residents in long term care facilities around the world. For numerous reasons, dolls that have a realistic weight and appearance have proven to be beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Studies have shown a marked reduction in agitation, aggression and wandering in dementia patients who participate in doll therapy. The dolls promote a feeling of well being for some people who normally appear agitated, and they assist residents to communicate with staff and family. Some people use the doll as a tool to explain their own feelings and they often transfer their emotional state onto the doll.

Many residents are aware that the dolls are dolls, but they still value them. We all have a need for attachment and having dementia does not make that need disappear. Holding and caring for the doll provides a sense of comfort and security and meets some of these attachment needs. Other residents seem to believe the dolls are real babies and often refer to them by the names of their own children or grandchildren. Many residents with dementia believe they are at the stage in their lives when they had young children. Providing them with a doll can fulfil the need to parent and rekindle positive memories and emotions. Communication often improves when the dolls are introduced and staff can learn more about a resident’s background by asking questions about the doll, such as “Where was your baby born?” or “How many children do you have?”. Discussing these memories can be very calming to female residents in particular and can help staff to relate to residents with dementia. While not all people respond to doll therapy, studies show that it is a positive and beneficial form of drug-free therapy for dementia patients - Silvercloudnursery




For some women who experienced such bitter fate, their loneliness and longing made them resort to Reborn Dolls. To express their suppressed affection for a baby, Reborn Dolls serve as an outlet for them to show the love and care they were supposed to give had they raised a child for real. Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist, believes that Reborn Dolls aid in the bereavement process of women who lost a baby or can’t have one. Another use of a Reborn Doll is linked to the benefits of cuddling therapy



This beautiful idea of an art form could help so many grieving families to remember what is now gone.  Many mothers, such as myself, never got an opportunity to see or hold their lost child.  This incredibly realistic art could help to fill that loss.

Society has made it taboo to speak openly about miscarriage and early infancy loss.  No one knows what to say, everyone feels awkward.  There is no word for a grieving parent.  If you lose a spouse, you’re a widow.  If you lose a parent, you’re an orphan.  If you lose a child, you have no word, no place.  You become part of a silent and ever growing group of parents who do not want to be in the club.  These dolls may seem creepy or morbid to some, but an angel mommy would understand all too well a desire to fill her arms.  These tiny, lifelike reproductions could help to end the ache and to memoralize the lost child for many years to come for the entire family.  These families may have already lost a child.  They do not want to lose their memories of the child as well -

 from an Angel Mum


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